About Myself


My name is Shay Toder.

I have been a SQL DBA for 14 years, and the thing I love most is to improve performance of queries (to magically decrease a 38-hour query to a 3-minute query, or a 60-second query to 0).

2 years ago I decided to take this passion into a different market, yet stay in the same niche, and I became a website speed optimization expert.

I specialized in improving web page speed, decreasing page load time and improving the performance of websites for clients.

In 2019 I won 1st place in the WordPress Performance Contest by improving a very slow WooCommerce site to 0.7 sec fully loaded time.

In 2020, I launched my online course on how to speed up sites, a course with dozens of topics, including all my secrets and tricks. This course will be updated regularly as I learn more about how to help speed up sites.



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